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Phinney Center Gallery

The Phinney Center Gallery supports local emerging artists. Shows are updated monthly, so come and see what's new!


The Gallery is located upstairs in the Phinney Neighborhood Center. Gallery hours are Mon-Fri 9 am-9 pm and Sat 9 am-2 pm.


Openings are held on the second Friday evening of the month. For more information call 206.783.2244.


Photos of Phinney Center Gallery


May / June 2017 Show


Northwest Fine Arts Competition
May 10-June 9


Morning Song | Chloris by Sandi Bransford

See the work of Pacific Northwest painters, sculptors, photographers and mixed media artists selected by jurors Lynn Schirmer, Kate Protage and Chris Sheridan.

Sandi Bransford was selected as the Jurors’ Choice artist.


Other artists include:


Matt Babcock

Lee Harper

Marianne Owen Beattie

Kelly Johnston

Glen Beebe

Anita Lehmann

Becky Birinyi

David McCrae

David Chui

Amelia McGee

Ken Coleman

Susan K. Miller

Leslee Currie

David Traylor

Cecile Disenhouse

Melissa West

Toshi Esumi

Mimi Williams

Michael Friel

Jiamin Zhu

Kathleen Green


Meet many of the artists and vote for the People’s Choice at the opening reception
during PhinneyWood’s The BIG One Art Walk.



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PNA Arts Program Mission Statement


The purpose of the PNA Arts Program is to provide the community with a rich diversity of cultural experiences while supporting regional visual and performing artists. To achieve this goal, the program develops creative venues for artists to share their work in a neighborhood environment.


Preference is given to artists living in the Puget Sound area who are not affiliated with a commercial gallery.


The Phinney Center Gallery is funded in part by 4Culture.


Current Sculpture in Heart of Phinney Park Too

Green House

Clay, paper and wood
by Abigail Maxey

Located in Heart of Phinney Park Too on 67th and Greenwood.

Artist Statement:
My home is my sanctuary, yet it is under constant attack. The battle to maintain my little property, in our growing city surrounded by mountains and water, is constant. Risk ignoring it too long and dandelions disturb the perfectly cultivated lawn, grass widens sidewalk cracks, moss separates shingles, mold invades damp basement corners, vines loosen siding, roots disintegrate sewer pipes, and tree roots damage foundations…lack of maintenance allows biological growth (from microorganisms to trees) to take root, slowly re-claiming ground.”


PNA Arts Program is partially funded by: