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Phinney Center Gallery


Previous Gallery Shows

Current show »

May 2017

Greenwood Rising. Chuck Johnson , presented with Urban Hands

October 2016

PRESENT. Amy M. Douglas

September 2016

Hard Lines. Ben Chamberlain and Jessica Keteyian

July-Aug 2016

The Northwest Collage Society’s Summer Show

June 2016

Line. Amy Ferron, Glenda Guinn-Gilles, Kirsten Kunhardt,
Anna Macrae, Flora Ramirez Bustamante

May 2016

The Four Fauvinistas. Jessica Dodge, Nancy Kiefer, Deborah Lawrence and Cindy Small

April 2016

Imagined Figures by Robert Williamson

March 2016

Organic Equilibrium, featuring Ingrid Matthews Olson and
Jon Schmidt

February 2016

Tracy Simpson and Kappy Trigg

January 2016

Travel the World with Larry Heyert and Angie Hinh.

November 2015

Assimilations, Reflexions on the Montana Landscape: A solo show by Stephen Gilbert

October 2015

Northwest Fine Arts Competition featuring winner Robert Williamson, and works by Becky Birinyi, Clint Ceder, Ken Coleman, Connie Fu, Nelda Hanson, Bill Hodge, Susan Lally-Chiu, MiYoung Margolis, James McFarlane, Susan K. Miller, Stan Raucher, Yan Ren, Stacy Rosevear, Miya Sukune, Katie Twiss and Jeff Wilson.

September 2015

PNA Member and Volunteer Art Show. Featuring Glen Beebe, Will Boswell, Clint Ceder, Mary Lou Dickerson, David Eggehorn, Kaley Ellis, Cara Franklin-Moytoy, Lee Harper, Sandy Nelson, Carol Pearl, Robin Robbins, Suzanne Thompson and Stephanie Tichenor.

August 2015

Journeys. Local artists Nalani Askov, Paul Dermanis, Kim Hood, and Deborah Kirsner.

June/July 2015

Cultural Reflections. Featuring Tim Suchsland and
Mia Yoshihara-Bradshaw

May/June 2015

Layered Forms. Suzan Fant, J. Gordon and Lindsey Shepherd

April 2015

The Curious Worlds of Suz & Kelly O'Dell, Erika Rier and Kalindi Thompson.

March 2015

Land, Sea, and Sky Explorations. Local artists Cecilia Sullivan and Susan Waite

February 2015

Epiphany Balm. The art of Karen Luke Fildes and Bernadette Merikle.

January 2015

Local Color. Featuring local artists Doug Keith, David McGranaghan and Katarina Reka.

November 2014

Student Art Show. Featuring work by students from West Woodland Elementary School

October 2014

Northwest Fine Arts Competition. Featuring winner Stephen Gilbert and artists Jo Braun, Brittany Faulkner, Susan Gans, Bill Hodge, Gay Jensen, Jessica Jorgensen, Gail Larson, Anita Lehmann, Stan Raucher, Susan Rotondo, Amy Smith, Dara Solliday, Melissa Wax and Lee Withington

September 2014

A Night at the Carnival. Featuring Mark W. Lubich and Dayton Knipher

August 2014

Fire and Ice. Featuring Anna McKee and Suze Woolf

June/July 2014

Tinker and Turn. Featuring James Dixon, Rick Holst and Megan Lingerfelt

May/June 2014

Fast Forward. Featuring graduates of the 2013 Artist Trust EDGE Professional Development Program for Visual Artists, Seattle. Participating Artists: Sofya Belinskaya, Julie Devine, DeAnna Foran, Jennifer Hatters, Shelly Hendrickson, Jessica Hoffman, Becky Knold, Anna Macrae, Lynne Rigby, Patricia Orellana, Traci Paulk, Susan Rotondo, Joana Stillwell, Diana Leigh Surma, Wendy Winkler, Jennifer Arlem Molina

April 2014

Set Free. Featuring Susan Brown, Heather Carr, Theresa Frazer, Barbara Harrell, Dianne Hofbeck, Kody Janney, Kathy Key, Ellen Lam, Madeline Lovell, Anne Marie McNamara, Anne Miller-Strandoo, Joan Pitell, Susan Pope, Connie van Winkle, Mary Wells, Eve Worrell

March 2014

Spectrum. Featuring Randi Ganulin, Michael Medrano and Laurie Richardson.

February 2014

Land Patterns. Featuring Cynthia Esselman

January 2014

Neighborhood. Featuring James McFarlane and Sandy Nelson

Oct/Nov 2013

Northwest Fine Arts Competition, featuring Sandi Bransford, Kristen Chick, Cynthia Esselman, Karen Hackenberg, David Owen Hastings, Irena Jablonski, Deborah Kapoor, Anita H. Lehmann, Ann Maki, Paul E. McKee, Mytchell J. Mead, Sandy Nelson, Angie Prince, Cheryl A. Richey, Kristen Scott, Tracy Simpson, Elana Winsberg and Suze Woolf.

Aug/Sep 2013

Dancing Surfaces

June/July 2013

Baskets: More than Function. Featuring Dorothy McGuinness.

May 2013

The Art of Kate Endle and Matthew Porter. Featuring Kate Endle and Matthew Porter

April 2013

Painters Under Pressure at Phinney: a decade of discussion | Featuring Ruth Hesse, Stephen Macfarlane, Tracy Simpson, Jon Taylor, Iskra Johnson, David Owen Hastings

March 2013

EDGES featuring Kristen Scott and Tamara Stephas

February 2013

Between The Lines, featuring Stephen Gilbert, Amy Hamblin and Lee Withington

January 2013

Journey Through Stories, featuring Laurel Henn and Suzanna Leigh

October & November 2012

Northwest Fine Arts Competition featuring Tina Carter, Suzan Fant, Julie Fisco,
Susan Gans, Trisha Gilmore, Elizabeth Halfacre, Irena Jablonski, Anita Lehmann, Chris Maynard, David McCrae, Dorothy McGuinness, Susan Miller, Gordon Nealy, Wanda Pelayo, Tamara Stephas, Suze Woolf

September 2012

FLOW. Featuring Mindy Black, Cynthia Esselman, Dodi Fredericks, Sue Jensen, Anita Lehmann and Kristen Scott

July/August 2012

Ski Jump by Todd Smith

June 2012

Home and Garden Gallery Show, featuring Monika Dalkin, Kathy Parker, James Rodgers

May 2012

Yachun Peng and Enfu

April 2012

Dialogues: Conversations with Cloth, featuring Peggy O'Heron

March 2012

Landscape X5, featuring Paul Bestock, Jennifer Loomis, K. Robinson, John W. Stinson, Susan Waite

February 2012

Portraits by Local Artists, featuring John Breitweiser, Carrie Bunkley, Susan Radant, David Regal

January 2012

Esprit de Print:

November 2011

Dia de los Muertos, featuring Oleana Perry, Joy Rueffner, and students from Madison Middle School

October 2011

Northwest Fine Arts Competition, featuring John Armstrong, Susan Aurand, John Bolivar, Matt Calcavecchia, Tina Carter, Karen Hackenberg, Aron Hart, Tyler Kimball, Paula Maratea Fuld, Michael Medrano, Nia Michaels, Joseph Pentheroudakis, Todd Smith, Tamara Stephas, Jan Viney, Suze Woolf

September 2011

Photographs of Stan Raucher and Todd Smith

August 2011

Weight, Water, Regrade: Encaustic Mixed Media by Dara Solliday





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