Phinney Ridge Community Solar Project


PNA is proud to be a partner, along with Woodland Park Zoo, in Seattle City Light's Community Solar on Phinney Ridge!


The project established a 74.8 kilowatt system on roofs of the PNA’s Blue Building and the Woodland Park Zoo. Puget Sound Solar was contracted to do the installation at the Phinney Center.


On September 3, Seattle City Light delivered the new meters that allow us to turn on the solar panels on the roof of our Blue Building. Our system was designed to take advantage of the 30 degree south facing roof that we have on the building. In the first week that we were live, we produced 40 percent of the energy that the building requires and the carbon equivalent of seven trees. If you would like to see our production and learn more about what we are accomplishing, check out the live monitoring site.


What is Community Solar?

Community Solar extends the benefits of solar energy to Seattle City Light customers. City Light works with community partners to place large-scale solar panel units in ideal locations to collect solar energy and put up units for sale to their customers.


Therefore, people who can't or don't want to purchase their own solar systems can still receive the benefits that come with owning solar panels, but at a size and cost that works for them. By purchasing shares in the community system at $150 a piece, customers receive credits on monthly electric bills, lowering their expenses and exposure to rising electricity costs while also reducing their carbon footprint.The shares for the Phinney Ridge project are sold out, but you can still sponsor a share for the PNA!


Sponsor a solar share for the PNA

PNA purchased shares to lower our own carbon footprint and better steward our resources. Lower electric bills means more dollars can go to community programming! You can help by sponsoring one or more of these shares on our behalf. Click here to 'donate' a share!


If you have questions, please contact Amy Besunder, Development Director,, 206-783-2244.

Seattle City Light - Community Solar Model of community solar project
A model of PNA's Community Solar project on display in the Phinney Center lobby.
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