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Computers and Technology


All computer classes are held in our Community Technology Center.


Computer Support for Seniors
Ongoing, various weekly hours.

Suggested Donation: $5
Calling all seniors! Are you having problems on your personal computer and not sure how to find the answers? Sign up for an hour long session and receive personalized help. Volunteer computer mentors will work with you to improve your skills. Bring your own laptop, or use one of our Windows lab computers. By appointment only. To make an appointment call 206.297.0875.


Drop-In Computer Use: FREE!
PNA and GSC Members can always use our computers when a class is not is session. We have Microsoft Office, Photoshop elements, Internet access, a scanner and printer! Just ask at the front desk for more information.


Apple Mentoring
By appointment, call 206.297.0875 for dates & times

$5 PNA Member, $7.50 Public
Got a Mac laptop, iPad or iPhone and want some help figuring out how to use it? Get help with your specific questions or learn about some of the features and applications. Schedule an hour-long appointment for one-on-one help. Participants must bring Apple device and appropriate power cord.


Cell Phone Mentoring
By appointment, call 206.297.0875 for dates & times

$3 PNA Member, $5 Public suggested donation
Would you like to understand your cell phone better? Whether you just want to add a contact to your flip phone, or want to figure out how to use your smart phone efficiently, help is available. Remember, it’s only useful if you use it! Please bring your device fully charged and operational with cell service.


Tablet Mentoring

By appointment, call 206.297.0875 for dates & times

$3 PNA Member, $5 Public
Do you have a new tablet computer that seems neat, but also a little confusing? Come and get your questions answered! Schedule an hour-long appointment for one-on-one help. Participants must bring their tablet, or reserve one of ours prior to appt. Manuals are helpful for specific hardware questions.


Twitter Basics
Wed, May 3, 10am-12pm, $7 PNA Member, $10 Public
Twitter is an amazing communication tool you can use on your computer, tablet, or cell phone. This hands-on workshop will introduce you to what it is and how it works. We will walk through how to set up your account and then send your first tweets. Learn about handles, hashtags and how to use Twitter wisely to connect without getting into trouble. Taught by Rick Ells. Register: 206.297.0875.


Photo Editing/Adobe Elements
Mon-Fri, May 15-19, 10-3pm, $20 PNA Member, $30 Public
A five-day class for repairing, sharpening or improving photos! Learn the basics of cropping and adjusting color, then focus on separating and combining images to create personal projects. Good memory retention skills and ability to use Windows programs are necessary to enroll. It is helpful to have Adobe Elements 11 or 12 at home to practice. Led by Lynn Mickelson, Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens computer mentor. Register: 206.297.0875.

Learn Video Editing
Mon-Fri, Apr 24-28, 10am-3pm, GSC $20 PNA Member, $30 Public
Learn to do hands-on video editing. Students will be provided with a full set of clips and be guided to create a short video. We’ll cover assembling the shots, editing, adding transitions, making titles and learning how to overlay clips. Edit the sound, provide audio transitions and add a music track. Combines well with Photo Editing class. Led by Lynn Mickelson, Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens computer mentor. Register: 206.297.0875.


Arts and Crafts


Beginning Crochet
Tues, Mar 28, Apr 4 & 11, 1-2pm, Free.
Have you ever wanted to learn crochet? It’s a fun and relatively simple craft that is good at stimulating the brain and promoting relaxation. All materials provided in this hands-on class. 6 students max. Register: 206.297.0875.


Block Printing
Fri, May 5-26, 12:30-3pm, $50 PNA Members/$58 Public
Hand print your unique designs with easy to carve Safety-Kut blocks. This four week class will cover the beginning printing process, from designing and carving with linoleum tools, to preparing the ink and printing successfully. $20 class supply fee. Bring your own 4x6 blocks or purchase from teacher. Led by Susan Waite. 8 students min, 15 max. Register: 206.297.0875.


Card Making
Thu, Apr 27, 1:00-3:00pm, $7 PNA Member, $10 Public
Handmade cards are fun to receive and even more fun to create! All materials included in this hands-on workshop. Veteran card makers will help show you the ropes and provide assistance with stamping, embossing, cutouts and a variety of other techniques. Whether experienced or not, you will leave with several gift-ready cards. Registration required. Register: 206.297.0875.


Jewelry Making Workshop
1st & 3rd Tue, Mar 21, Apr 4 & 18, May 2 & 16, Jun 6. 1-3pm, $5 class fee & $10 supply fee
Learn to make beautiful, unique jewelry from an experienced and patient instructor. Bead a necklace, make an eyeglass chain, or a design a bracelet to match your favorite sweater. Use gems, glass beads, shells and metal materials. No experience necessary; drop-in group. All supplies are provided.


Collage For Wellbeing
Friday, March 24, 10am-1pm, Free.
Access your own inherent wisdom and guidance. You will tap into your intuitive side, then create a mixed-media collage that reveals your inner wisdom. You will have the opportunity to journal about and share your creation with others. Collage is a powerful medium for self-expression that is accessible to all of us—no artistic experience needed! Led by Ruthie Neilson and Geri Frick. Register: 206.297.0875.


Watercolor & Drawing
Wed, Ongoing, 10am-12pm, $12 PNA Member, $15 Public
Students may work in watercolor, acrylic, charcoal or colored pencil. Bring art supplies. Newsprint and charcoal provided. Two-hour drop-in class for all skill levels. Instructor Susan Schneider is a professional artist and experienced teacher. Beginners welcome in this friendly, relaxed class. Register: 206.297.0875.





Watercolor Painting
Wed, Ongoing, 1-4pm
GSC, $15 PNA Member, $18 Public
Join a great group and learn to paint, led by instructor Glen Oberg. Some experience is necessary. Bring your own supplies. Fee due for each class. Register: 206.297.0875.


Be Prepared


AARP Smart Driver Course

Thu & Fri, Mar 16 & 17, Apr 27 & 28, May 18 & 19, $15 AARP Member, $20 Public
Come and join this informative class in “smart” driving. This course has been scientifically proven to reduce driving errors, and is approved by insurance companies for a safe-driving discount upon completion. Bring your AARP card or member number with you on the first day. Register: 206.297.0875.


Later Life Leadership
Fri, May 5 & 12, 1-3pm, Free
Are you seeing a need in your community but worry about your ability to lead? This is your time! Your life experience can translate into a capacity for leadership. In this class you’ll learn clear, specific steps and skills you can use to develop your leadership approach, and we’ll discuss how to put your life experience to work in a variety of ways. Led by Marguerite Langlois. Register: 206.297.0875.


Home and Garden


Stay tuned for upcoming Home and Garden classes!


Fitness, Health and Wellness


Line Dancing For All Levels
Tue, Ongoing, 1-2pm, (tutorial for new students 12:40-1pm)

$6 PNA Member, $8 Public
In this easy, upbeat class, you'll explore some Zumba, Western and Rock and Roll inspired line dancing moves. It's great for everyone who loves music. Exercise never felt like such fun! Benefits include increased flexibility, brain enhancement, better balance and stronger muscles. All levels are welcome, taught by MaryLee Lykes. Register at 206.297.0875.


Mon, Wed, Fri, Ongoing, 10-11am. Suggested donation $1
Health benefits for all in this popular and low-key ongoing class. Socialize while you get in shape, and you'll have the strength and flexibility to enjoy your independence. What a fun way to keep moving! All skill levels welcome in this fun, social class with instructor Gerry Joyce. For information call 206.297.0875.


Yoga For All Levels
Thu, Ongoing, 2:30-3:45pm.

GSC, $5/PNA Member, $6/Public
Improve your posture, flexibility and balance! This eclectic Viniyoga class incorporates modern dance, Pilates, Feldenkrais® and free form movement. Improve flexibility, relaxation and balance in standing, chair, kneeling, and lying down poses. Instructor D'vorah Kost has 35 years of movement education. Wear loose clothing, bring a blanket and water bottle. Register at 206.297.0875.


Tai Chi & Mind-Body Fitness for Boomers & Beyond
Tue, Thu, 9-10am, $100 (10 classes) or $170 (20 classes)
Improve body awareness, cultivate efficient breathing, wake your senses from head to hands to feet, achieve peace of mind, strengthen the body and move with ease! This class practices specific techniques from meditation, the MELT method and Tai Chi to boost your vitality and support a vibrant, active life. All are welcome! Please contact Karin directly with questions or to register at 206.898.5048;

Yoga For Osteoporosis And Osteoarthritis
Tue, Thu, 10:30-11:30am, $5 PNA Member, $6 Public
Come let a trained Yoga Therapist, Connie Fisher, accommodate your individual issues. With Yoga, force and gravity strengthen bones, while movement stimulates renewal of joints. Yoga is well suited to the twin perils of Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis. Come enjoy this time honored practice. Wear loose clothing; bring a blanket and water bottle. Register: 206.297.0875.


Zumba Gold

Fridays, ongoing, 8:30-9:30 am, $3.
Zumba Gold is a dance party that is designed to meet the needs of seniors and those new to working out. It has many health benefits, is easy to follow and is low impact. Come in comfortable clothes and shoes, bring water, and be prepared to have
fun. Drop-ins and adults of all ages welcome.


Creating a More Vibrant Life

Mon, Mar 27, 12:30-3:30pm. Free.

You will create a map of your ideal life. Facilitators will ask open ended questions. You will complete activities and leave with next steps of your vision to a more vibrant life. You are welcome to bring a partner to help build on this experience. Led by Mitsue Cook and Mandy LeBlanc. RSVP: 206.297.0875.


Introduction to Hearing Loss
Tue, May 16, 11am-12pm, Free
The goal of this presentation is to improve understanding of hearing health and make people feel more confident interacting with hearing professionals. We will also talk about causes and kinds of hearing loss, what to look for in a healthcare provider, what to expect from a hearing aid and tips for better communication with or without assistance. Led by Steve Hillson, Hearing Speech & Deaf Center. Register: 206.297.0875.


Oral Health & Disease Prevention in Older Adults
Wed, Mar 15, 1-2pm, Free
Learn valuable information needed to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums – to live a healthier life. The top concerns for oral health in seniors, proper dental hygiene care, and options for replacing missing teeth will be discussed. Led by Dr. Benjamin Chang, Greenlake Dental. Register: 206.297.0875.


Powerful Tools For Caregivers
Thu, Mar 30-May 6, 9:30am-12pm, Free
This six-week evidence-based course is for family caregivers. The curriculum provides tools and strategies to better handle the challenges of caregiving. Registration required. Class limit of 13 participants. The Caregiver Helpbook will be available for purchase. Led by Carin Mack, MSW & Marie Adan. Register: 206.297.0875.


Restful Insomnia
Wed, Apr 5, 1-2:30pm, $5 PNA Members/$7 Public
Are you stressed by wakeful nights and zoned out during the day? Restore your energy by learning to deeply rest your body, mind, and emotions—so you get many benefits of sleep and open the door to slumber as well. Come learn the value of deep rest, and tips on how to rest that very night from instructor Sondra Kornblatt. 10 participants minimum. Register: 206.297.0875.


Language, Culture and Travel



Practique Inglés: Talk Time
Los lunes, 10:30am al mediodía, Gratis
Para inscribirse, al 206.297.0875 (se habla inglés) o venga
Este grupo se reúne para usar el inglés y conectar con comunidad en un ambiente positivo y relajado. Todos son bienvenidos. Este grupo se reúne todos los lunes. Venga cuando pueda.


Practice English: Talk Time
Mon, Ongoing, 10:30am-12pm, Free
For all new English speakers, this group provides an opportunity to practice English conversation in an informal and friendly group. Meet other people who need to learn to express themselves easily with a new language. All ages and people from all over the world are invited. Register at 206.297.0875.


¡Aventuras! Spanish Class For Learners Of All Levels
Mon, Ongoing, 4-6pm, By donation
Spanish language learners of all ability levels are welcome. Our facilitator, Octavio Fernandez, creates an environment in which learners of all language ability levels can feel successful. Participants are invited to join this special group where learning happens through both actively engaging and simply being immersed in the language. Donations gladly accepted. Register: 206.297.0875.


Literature and Writing



Storyteller’s Workshop
Fri, Apr 7-28, 1-2:30pm, $10
Stories are one of the ways we connect to each other and to our communities. In this 4-week course led by a local communication and storytelling expert Shelby Barnes, participants will learn and apply the basics of what makes a good story, and will practice their storytelling skills through weekly sharing sessions. Register: 206.297.0875.


Writing and Publishing
Thursdays, Mar 30-Jun 1, 1:15-3:15pm. $10 drop-in.
Turn your memoir, nonfiction, or fiction books into paperbacks and/or eBooks for loved ones or anyone! Use our computer lab or your laptop. OR just come to share and hear stories. A place to learn skills in writing, book formatting, and publishing. Fun for all. Instructor is broadly published, editor of over a dozen magazines and hundreds of books. RSVP: 206.297.0875.