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It Takes a Village

Aired April 30, 2015


Feathering a nest in which to grow old
By Elizabeth Griffin
Published January 3, 2012


Village Information for Seattle and Nationwide


Other Villages in Seattle:

North East Seattle Together (NEST)


General Village Information


NBC Nightly News
Video: Report by Brian Williams: It takes a Village; Seniors thrive while living at home


Village to Village Network
A national peer to peer network to help establish and continuously improve management of their own villages whether in large metropolitan areas, rural towns or suburban settings.

Videos: Visit the videos page of the Village to Village Network


Other Villages Nationwide


Avenidas Village - Palo Alto, California
Village added to their programs already available at 8 senior centers


Capitol Hill Village - Washington, DC
Has a very strong "Volunteer First" program and plan for low income residents.


Beacon Hill Village - Boston, Mass.
Original model; considerable experience; published "How To Manual" that can be checked out from PNA.

-Beacon Hill Village Celebrates 10 Years of Growth

-There is no place like home: Seniors hold on to urban independence into old age-PBS Newshour Ray Suarez interview with a Beacon Hill Village member.


Dupont Circle Village - Washington, DC


Monadnock at Home - Mount Monadnock area, New Hampshire

-Monadnock At Home

-Monadnock At Home: Volunteers Make the Difference


Palisades Village - Washington DC

Video: My Generation: Aging In Place by AARP





PNA Village Blog


The New Old Age Blog (New York Times)



How One Group of Seniors Bucked Convention and Avoided the Retirement Home


Village People: Community Networks Help Boomers 'Age in Place'

Other Relevant Links


Greenwood Senior Center

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Poem: Figaro at Sabino Canyon by Marilyn Zuckerman   


To volunteer email or call 206.789.1217.


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