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PNA Superstar Volunteers - Carol Pearl


If you were to look at the volunteering resume of Carol Pearl, you'd find it exhaustive and exhausting just to read! A PNA member and long-time volunteer, she regularly helps with newsletter mailing parties and loves to dig in the dirt at the Greenwood Senior Center. She has staffed numerous events including the Winter Festival, Local Giving Fair, Beer and Wine Tastes and the Annual Meeting Pancake Breakfast. She regularly provides snacks and breakfasts for the women's shelter through Phinney Neighbors in Action. Best of all, Carol willingly comes in to both the PNC and GSC to do data entry!


Carol often shows up for her volunteer shifts bearing delectable home-baked treats, often featuring produce from her home garden, celebrating and increasing the warmth and affection she creates with everyone she volunteers with. PNA staff member Joanna Wright says, "Whenever Carol comes to volunteer at the Senior Center, she brings with her a perspective and resilience that never fail to inspire me. She's authentic, delightfully no-nonsense, thoughtful, and generous with her time and energy. We're very lucky to have her in this community!"

Carol Pearl
Superstar volunteer Carol Pearl


PNA volunteer Shannon Markley adds, "Working with Carol has been nothing but a pleasure. In my opinion, her ever-present smile and cheerful attitude is a significant bonus to whatever we are doing - labeling newsletters, working in the garden, or doing data entry in a room full of people performing many different tasks. She is always so generous, offering herself and her cute little red truck to help with anything. Carol is such a great example of building community every step of the way."

Thanks for all you share with the PNA, Carol!