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PNA Superstar Volunteers - PNA Village Committee


In early 2008, a handful of Phinney-Greenwood community members came together to talk about the isolation and displacement that many seniors they knew were facing, and created a vision for interconnection among and support for aging seniors. Their conversations grew into a grassroots effort that the PNA has since adopted as its newest program - the PNA Village.


Transforming their concerns into action, these hardworking, collaborative volunteers have built this program from the ground up. They've put in countless hours brainstorming programs and services, creating volunteer opportunities, and researching partnerships with area businesses and organizations. This inspiring group of PNA Village Committee members continues to work closely with PNA staff to launch the program and help usher it into sustainability. Thank you for all of the time, talent, hard work, steadfast vision you have shared with the PNA, for the betterment of the whole neighborhood!


Current volunteers include: Barb Doherty, Beth de la Fuente, Carol Flannigan, Cecile Andrews, Clay Holtzman, Cristal Weber, Ed Medeiros, Frank Flannigan, Jacqueline Sorgen, Jean-Loup Baer, Kevin Shea, Kristin Distelhorst, Lea Ann Miyagawa, Marie Adan, Marty Chakoian, Mike Seamans, Paul Borrmann, Rick Fitzgibbon, Shirli Axelrod, Stuart MacMillan and Terry Cook. Thanks to anyone we may have missed!

Jeanne Barwick
Marie Adan (left) and Carol Flannigan (right)